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"I know that stylists have been hit hard by recent events and 
need a new pandemic-proof’ income stream more than ever."

Daniel Koye
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A single wig can bring endless earning opportunities.
“Creating a wig from scratch seems so time consuming... how could it be profitable?”

I get this question from stylists all the time. 

Sure, you can take the time to create a beautiful wig from the ground up and sell it for $900 to $20,000. But, the reality is that wig services encompass so much more than creating the wigs themselves.

Here’s just a glimpse into the money making services you can offer with these skills:
  • Customize client’s existing wigs to match their hairlines perfectly
  • Customize cheap wigs to look expensive and glamourous and sell for a sweet profit! 
  • Color service, cuts, and styling to update your client wig’s look
  • Wig maintenance and repair, such as re-ventilating hairlines
  • Wash, set, and steam synthetic wigs to give them new life
  • Rent out your handmade creations to the tune of $200 per day
A whole new world of clientele awaits with wig services.
Wigs Aren’t Just For Stage + Screen Anymore
Learn wig craft and help countless potential clients...
  • Give their damaged hair a vacation from chemical + heat styling stress (and still look fabulous!)
  • ​Feel confident and youthful despite their age-related hair loss
  • ​Don the latest hair trends without the commitment
  • Enjoy luscious tresses even if their hair is too fine or fragile for extensions
  • ​Feel beautiful while battling cancer with chemotherapy
  • ​Achieve bold, glamorous looks for special occasions... from weddings to proms and beyond!
High-Profile Industry Experience And Education, Right At Your Fingertips!
Learn a skill that will boost your bottom line for a lifetime 
with this special Educational Bundle from Daniel Koye.

You'll receive:

 Daniel’s Wigging Out Book 
[Digital Copy]
Over 50 pages of detailed instruction on how to design, create, style and maintain custom-made wigs! I’ll guide you through every process with step-by-step photos and decades of industry experience - from salon to the big screen. Includes information on every tool, material, and skill you need to start handcrafting professional quality wigs. 

In this comprehensive instructional manual, you’ll learn…
  • The 8 key factors to consider when designing a wig
  • Hair kit essentials: the comprehensive list of tools you’ll need to create amazing wigs
  • How to prepare a wig block and create a perfect model of your client’s head and hairline
  • ​My wig ventilating technique: how to knot hairs to lace for a stunningly natural effect
  • How to front low-cost machine wigs to create premium-priced custom creations
  • ​Step-by-step wig application instructions: from prepping client hair to pinning, gluing, and damage free wig removal
  • How to wash, style, steam, and set synthetic wigs
  • ​... and countless other advanced tips and techniques!

 the business behind wigs Book 
[Digital Copy]
The hairstylist’s ultimate companion to Wigging Out, The Business Behind Wigs shows you how to turn your newfound skills into pure profit for your business! Daniel goes deep into the details to help you leverage your new skill for maximum earning potential.

In this e-book, you’ll learn…
  • How to have a client wig consultation, including a printable client sheet to record measurements and notes!
  • ​The complete guide: sourcing hair, premade wigs, and lace
  • ​Pricing guidelines for wig services and the most important factors to consider when structuring your fees
  • How to keep wig clients coming back for consistent recurring revenue
  • How to generate passive income with wig rentals
  • Cycling drop off, wash, and reset services for clients with multiple wigs
After reading The Business Behind Wigsyou’ll have a clear plan of action for maximizing revenue with wig services in your salon business!
I’ve bundled all of the educational resources you need to learn and profit from wigs in your salon business...

  ... and I’m offering them to you TODAY at an incredible special price!

  • Wigging Out book [Digital Copy]                             $61.64 value
  • The Business Behind Wigs book [Digital Copy]       $69.95  value
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meet your instructor
Daniel Koye
My passion for hair started in my mom's at-home salon, but my desire to break into the entertainment industry led me to learn the art of wig making. Before long, my creations were gracing Broadway and the sets of network television productions. Wig making has allowed me to style the likes of Jessica Chastain, Arielle Kibbel, Patti Labelle, Tamron Hall, Vanessa Williams, Bernadette Peters, and one of Heidi Klum’s notorious Halloween ensembles. 
The art of wig making has created so many unforgettable and profitable experiences for me as a hairstylist, which is why I’m so passionate about sharing it with others. 
Even if you don’t have aspirations of making creations for the big screen, this one skill has the power to take your career to heights you never thought were possible. I want to help you develop an in-demand artisan skill that will line your pockets for a lifetime, set you apart from the competition, and create memorable experiences along the way! And with my 15 years of industry experience to share, you can shortcut the learning curve and get right to earning. 

I know that stylists have been hit hard by recent events and 
need a new ‘pandemic-proof’ income stream more than ever. 
This special price is my gift to you!
Frenquently Asked Questions
 Wig crafting sounds like an artisan skill... do I really have what it takes to learn and profit from it?
Let me answer that question with another question… Did you have what it takes to complete the gauntlet of cosmetology school? Can you skillfully cut, color, and style hair? If so, you have the dexterity and creativity inside you to produce beautiful artisan wigs!

Now, just because a skilled hairstylist has the ability to learn wig making doesn’t mean they’ll have the drive. Finding success with this speciality skill set requires dedication, passion, and plenty of practice. If you’re willing to put in the work, learning wig craft will pay you major dividends over the course of your career!
 My salon work has slowed down or totally stopped with recent social distancing measures (COVID-19). Can this skill still benefit me?
 Absolutely! In fact, now is the best time to start learning a valuable skill that enables you to keep revenue flowing during hard times. The best part about wig services is that you can perform them at home! Clients can send in wigs to be altered, colored, or receive maintenance without ever requiring themselves (or you!) to enter the salon. Or, use your time away from the salon to create beautiful wigs you can sell for top dollar. The possibilities are endless!
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  • Wigging Out book [Digital Copy]  
  • The Business Behind Wigs book [Digital Copy]
$61.64 value

​$69.95 value

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